Our five year old son was recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and we turned to yoga for extra help.  It’s only been three weeks but we love it!  Yoga is a wonderful way to get him relaxed, focused and most of all release his frustration through breathing techniques.   My friends told me, “Yoga is too much for a five year old,” but we wish we found Ms. Vasanthi sooner.  Most importantly, our son has a blast during yoga time. 

We hope that he overcomes the disability by finding his inner self and strengthening his mind and body through yoga.



July 28, 2009

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce Abby to the healing powers of yoga.


After 14 weeks of hospitalization, Abby has made great progress fighting to regain the use of her body.  Meningoencephalitis took away her ability to eat, speak, walk and use her arms.  Our little five year old was a baby again.  Upon discharge from the hospital, Abby was able to eat, walk wobbily and use her arms with little strength.  Abby works now about three hours a day in speech, occupational and physical therapy.  It is tough work, and she is a hard worker.


Our doctors are hopeful that Abby will make a full recovery, but it will be a very slow process.  Although this is a hopeful prognosis, we want to do everything that we can to help and support Abby’s recovery.  With the support of Abby’s therapists, we sought out the help of Bridge to Learning Special Needs Yoga as a way to supplement our therapy program-particularly as it relates to strengthening her core muscles.


After only a few sessions, we have seen significant results.  Going to yoga does not feel like going to therapy.  It is really fun.  We have found that doing yoga for Abby makes her feel like a regular kid again.  She is so proud of her accomplishments, and this has really helped her self-esteem.  I think that when she feels good about herself, she works even harder.  In fact, after only two yoga sessions, Abby produced more sounds than after months of traditional speech therapy.  Her breath control has also improved dramatically.  This has also done wonders for her speech.


Surprisingly, we have also seen improvement in concentration and balance.  Even to the untrained eye, this work on balance has produced remarkable results in the improvement of her wobbily gait.


We look forward to much more progress and can’t thank Vasanthi more for her patience, understanding and guidance in helping Abby in her recovery.  We still have a long way to go, but it has been so rewarding that I am sure that yoga will be a part of Abby’s life for a long time.



July 27, 2009



At this point I am really coming to terms with the fact that I don’t have time for any kind of anxiety and I have made the decision to get over it and actually begin taking the steps towards my goals.  I have you to thank for this push and I deeply respect your decision and appreciate the opportunity you have given me to see that I am strong.  To honor the compassion you have shown and, the strength I know I have in myself I am going to get certified to become an adult yoga instructor. 

You are an amazing and strong woman and I truly look up to you. 

Erin (Jan 2009)

Dear Vashanti, I'm sorry if I have slaughtered your name. I just wanted to share a few pictures of Payton Lee with you and the Monday night class. I delivered him vaginally on Tuesday, Feb 24th. He was 8.9 pounds and 20 1/2 inches long. Sorry I didn't make it back in Feb. I was feeling very large and rotund and the heartburn was killing me during some of the stretches! It was a great delivery and I look forward to coming back for some yoga once I'm healed up and have adjusted to Payton's feeding schedule. I wanted to share how much the yoga classes helped prepare me for delivery. Please tell Tracy? (the other pregnant girl from Mon. class) that the breathing I learned in Yoga was vital for my delivery. I was able to breath through all of my contractions and to rest in between. If I felt myself tense up I breathed in to calm myself and breathed with the contractions rather than fighting them. I just wanted to give you my testimonial to share with all the other pregnant mommies. Stick with the yoga! Hope to see you soon.

Take Care, Sandie

Hi Vasanthi, 


Thank you so much! That is wonderful! I'll definitely keep registering and plan to keep coming right up to baby's birth day! I can't tell you how much of a blessing it's been finding your class.... from the physical help it's given me to the mental for birth preparation every single class has been exactly what I needed (even if I didn't know I needed it!) 


Also, I didn't get the chance to follow-up, but I wanted to thank you again for your perspective and helping me shift my perspective regarding my previous birth experience. I really do wish I had talked with you 2 years ago because I was so traumatized thinking I had missed everything/done everything wrong etc. by having that "out of body/another planet" experience. Now I can happily look back and see how amazing it was to have been able to go to that place -- where time literally felt suspended and I didn't feel any fear or pain. I feel so much better going into our second birth now, knowing if that happens again it will be a marvelous blessing from within and the universe and not the negative experience I thought I had/was fearing. 


See you next Sunday!