VIOLENCE... has become more prevalent in our schools across the country. 

  • Exposure to weapons

  • Physical violence, sexual violence, harassment

  • Cyber bullying, threats

  • Sale and use of illegal substances

  • Unhealthy and dangerous school climate


Fights, suicides, mental health diagnoses, and substance abuse are on the rise.   Our children and youth are exposed to violence at a high level resulting in a lack of physical and emotional safety.   


It is vital we see beyond addressing the victim and bully alone and move towards effective, sustainable, and trans-formative change that involves everyone.  Administrators, school staff, students, and parents all unite to create a positive school climate where everyone feels safe.

How can we empower and support our community?

Schedule a professional development training.

Children are more than mental machines.  Neuroscience, and Psychology state that we think through the body.  Children need to learn to learn how to regulate their viceral state and exercise their neural systems to better support the social engagement system which in turn will allow them to learn and interact from a state of safety.


By understanding the systems of the human body, we can shift into an optimal state for learning and well-being.  Yoga and an understanding of the Polyvagal Theory provide us with the tools needed to foster a healthy school climate and learning environment where every member of the school community is seen with value.

Continuing Education Credit

Half Day Training



Create a brain-compatible, healthy classroom environment that boosts achievement by enhancing transitions, testing and classroom management.

Tools for Teachers & Classrooms

Full Day In-Service Training



Integrating Yoga Tools into their daily classroom routine for mind-body wellness, responsible behavior and academic achievement.

Community Lecture Series

One to Two Hour


Embodied Cognition

Understanding the Neuroscience of Learning through the Body & Mind System

Vasanthi Srinivasan Headshot.jpg

Vasanthi Srinivasan

Certified Yoga Therapist


Vasanthi holds a Masters of Education in Special Education and Early Childhood Education. She has worked with children and teens at various grade levels and abilities, in both public and private schools.  She offers support to administrators and teachers on creating a healthy school climate using the tools of yoga.

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