Raising Empowered Children

Our children are increasingly facing more challenges and stressors in life.  As parents, educators, and community members, we have the capacity to educate and empower our young people facing these growing obstacles.  Through studies, it is evident that yoga can increase emotional regulation, optimize behavior, and improve concentration and focus.  When yoga is woven into the value system of a child's life, it can transform not only them but the entire community!

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Kids Yoga Offerings

Cobra Kids

Ages 4-8

Eagles Tween Yoga

AGES 8-12

Yoga for Homeschoolers

GR. 1 - 6,

GR 7 & UP


Ultimate Tool Kit for Teens

Tweens & Teens are empowered with the Ultimate Tools to manage these turbulent and stressful years of adolescence.  


Yoga provides us with a lens through which to understand the nervous system and how we can work to support it.  Yoga can help us to become resilient in our body and mind’s reaction and response to stress. 

Students learn the effects of stress on the body and how it impacts your physical, psychological, and social health.​   


Yoga for Scouts, and Non-Profits

Extreme Esteem

Stress to Success

Healthy Body Image

Team Building

Yoga of Leadership

Restore & Renew

Partner Yoga

Family Yoga

Yoga Camps

Service Unit Fair