Baby & Me

Infants (6wks) - Crawlers


Host a class at your home or playgroup

Connect with baby while you develop friendship in community.  This class is designed to give a parent, guardian, or care taker the opportunity to have learn yoga, breathwork, simple meditation, and relaxation practices that support your health and well-being so you can better care of baby.   Learn  how to incorporate baby into yoga postures and movements while encouraging baby to explore tummy time and play in a safe and nurturing setting.   Classes include baby specific yoga postures designed to help their digestion, sleep and healthy growth.  We encourage an open breast feeding, and caring for baby in the way you know best.  

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Tot & Me

Walkers - Age 4

Host a class at your home, daycare, or playgroup meetup

Engage your child's curiosity by learning with the support of commUNITY!

Experience laughter and play with your child through yoga, games, songs, stories and play.  Children develop body awareness, motor coordination, listening skills,  and confidence while parents, grandparents, and caregivers learn how to use yoga, breathwork, and relaxation to self-care and help kids to self-regulate  Adults will learn traditional yoga posture with breath led movement.  Gain strength, flexibility, and improve balance as you encourage family fitness.